Pucky Huddle Books

  by Mary Young 

School or Library Author Visits

Here's how it works:

School librarian or classroom teacher selects a book to be donated FREE to the school library.

Read the book aloud with Pre-school-3rd grade students to become familiar with story & author.

Send order forms home to parents with a date planned for author visit. All books are priced $10 even {cash, check or charge accepted at visit} Parents are encouraged to attend author visit.

Each book will be personally autographed to the child. Included with each story is an activity sheet or a coloring page. In addition, the classroom teacher or the Art teacher may wish to plan a hands on activity such as making a water cycle bead bracelet to go with the story 'Drew Drop' or a pine-cone bird seed feeder to go with 'Meet Tweet' or 'Icky Sticky Prickly Pine'. The fish book is a bully story (the fish illustrations are made of clay) homemade play-doe can make a fun activity for the children! This story is a good basis for discussions on how a bully can change to become a friend.


Mary Young

My visit with Daisy, Brownie
and Junior G
irl Scout
Troop #611 On March 21, 2016
With a reading of 'BIG SHOT"
and a discuss
ion about bullying.
Thank You Cards from:
Mrs. Martin's 2nd grade class. I enjoyed reading
to the students at Steelville Elementary.

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Example of order form to send home to parents prior to author visit.

Dear Parents,


We will be having an Author Visit with local children's book author-

Mary Young www.puckyhuddlebooks.com

Books are $10 even {cash, check or charge accepted at visit}

All books include an activity sheet or coloring page.

If you'd like to pre-order a story, please send $10/book or join us for a reading.

Book Titles & quick summary:

DREW DROP- explains the water cycle through the adventures of a droplet of water

ZOG THE DOG- a true rescue story of 3 lost pups

BIG SHOT- a bully story that teaches how a bully can change to become a friend

MEET TWEET- a little bird who gets into trouble because he doesn't listen to his mother's lessons

THE BABY BOOMERS ARE COMING- a fun story to explain who the Baby Boomers are

ICKY STICKY PRICKLY PINE- deals with emotions from a tree through changes in 4 seasons

UKULELE KIDS CLUB Coloring Book- the story of how ukuleles & this book are sent to kids in the hospital

BOOK CHOICES:_________________________________________

$10/book, Total enclosed for my order: $ ______________________