Pucky Huddle Books

  by Mary Young 

I'd like to know what you think about my children's books and perhaps your opinions will encourage others to consider giving Pucky Huddle Books a try the next time they are looking for a good fun to read story for the kids in their lives. 

So, send me an email and I'll post your reviews here.



  Mary Young

Drew Drop is very 'Zen'

Sharon Smith

♥♥♥ I Love my uncle Tyler's pictures in 'DREW DROP' ♥♥♥

I loved Zog The Dog. Zog The Man has gotta be smiling.   

 Quinn Warwick   

I read Zog the Dog to my Grandson today. Amazingly, our dog and his Grandmother spent just as much time listening to me read the story. Making memories  

Brad Borgstede   

My students loved this book. It was great for discussions on bullying, and they loved that the illustrations were done by a kid! They were very fascinated trying to figure out how he created each scene.   

Jeanne Schmeer Reese 

Friends...educators...parents et al...a quick unsolicited ad for a fantastic book written by a wonderful author. Ri dealt with some bullying...and, let's face it...there's a lot of it going on out there these days. Mary put it in terms that were not only identifiable, but brilliantly illustrated. Ri's pick of the month book.    

Michele Miller  

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Pucky Huddle Books are FUN☻♥♥♥