Pucky Huddle Books

  by Mary Young 

Meet the author & the illustrators


Mary Young Loves writing fun stories for children, but she equally considers entertaining the adult reader with her heartfelt books. As a former special education teacher and with self-publishing programs at her fingertips, Mary has found the time and tools needed to get her stories in print. She finds much of the inspiration for her stories through nature and the surroundings of the log cabin in rural Missouri where she lives with her musician husband Rusty Young and their dog named Zelda. Together, they enjoy visiting senior centers and schools with songs, stories and a few tricks. To date, Mary has six children's books in print and dozens more just calling out,

                 “Illustrate Me!!!”

Meet ~N.E.~ 


Naomi Elkins 'Pinky' lives in Lambertville, NJ where she enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time. She has always enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking, camping and canoeing, but her all time favorite thing to do is listening to Poco in concert every chance she gets! Naomi earned her Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from the College of New Jersey, Trenton State. Her drawings for Zog the Dog are her first pictures to be published in a children's book.

Welcome John Houseman for

   'The Baby Boomers Are Coming!'

I discovered my artistic abilities in kindergarten. One of my friends in the class was very good at drawing and it challenged me to try my hand at it. Then there were two artists in the class. Since then art has been an essential aspect of my life. I attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1967-8 where I studied fine arts. It wasn't until the early 80's that I began to apply my skills professionally. I walked the streets of Chicago, portfolio in hand and was able to secure a good amount of freelance, editorial illustration work. At the time I was attending many car shows which led to a great many commissions for automotive portraits of classic and exotic cars. I have always had a great love of surreal paintings - Dali, Magritte, DiChirico, etc. There are many examples of my contribution to this artistic arena on my website: paintingsilove.com/artist/johnhouseman There you will also find a vast assortment of subject matter from the bizarre to formal human portraits. "The Baby Boomers are Coming" is my second children's book, and the story stimulates very interesting images in my mind and I'm certain that between Mary Young and myself we will produce a very fine book.

Meet Tyler for


Tyler Gross is an illustrator based in St. Louis MO. He earned his degree in Graphic Design and Illustrations at Missouri State University. He enjoys riding his skateboard, eating pizza and drawing pictures. Tyler and Mary Young met at their favorite camping destination, Red Bluff. The illustrations he created for Drew Drop are his first to be published in a children's book. Tyler has been a great help with Pucky Huddle Books by helping Mary with all the formatting and preparation for the printing process.

Thank you Tyler!

I couldn't do it without you!

Mary Young

Introducing ~Q~

for 'BIG SHOT'

Quentin Jones is my 14 year-old grandson. He is the coolest most talented kid I've ever known. He enjoys camping, fishing and creating Origami. His clay art illustrations for 'BIG SHOT' are his first to be published in a children's book. Quentin will be starting High School next fall and he will be joining me as we schedule library readings with the young children in his school district. I think the little kids will be very proud of his accomplishments. I know I am.

Meet Robin G. Morgan for 'TWEET'


Artist/Graphic Designer Robin G. Morgan has long been involved in the visual arts, both as an artist, educational consultant, media developer and middle/high school teacher of Digital Arts - teaching the courses of Multimedia Design, Web Design, Informational Design, Interactive Design, Portfolio Design and Digital Publishing. Tweet! serves as Robin’s first experience as a children’s book illustrator. With that premier experience comes the challenge to create enticing, realistic, yet recognizable images for children – ones that make them want to turn the page to see what’s next. Her Fabric Melodies provide the perfect complement to Mary’s storytelling – images that dare the viewer to reach out and touch each tiny detail. Using a photograph as the inspiration, Robin selects each fabric, paying special attention to pattern, texture, space, color, light and movement. Batiks easily become a canvas as carefully hand-painted details just seem to dance off the page. Robin has a gallery of Fabric Melodies on Fine Art America at http://robin-morgan.artistwebsites.com/. Robin works as a freelance graphic designer with Greyden Press in Dayton, Ohio, in addition to her duties as Vice President of Media Development for Living Legends Music, Inc.® in Altamonte Springs, Florida.